Neyaz Production Company considers having the right to have flawless products as a consumer right and is always trying to respect consumer rights. In this regard, it offers the need for all its products up to 10 years unconditional warranty and 15 years after-sales service so that consumers can buy the company’s products with ease.

The after-sales service unit is in need of experienced staff at the service of esteemed customers and consumers.

If you need any after-sales service, please contact the company’s relief unit. At the first opportunity and after the necessary coordination, the staff of this unit will refer to the consumer and will provide the required services.

With the reliable after-sales service of Niaz Company, choose the products of this company with peace of mind.



Phone call after-sales service : 55169000 (021) – 36426521 (021)
Email contains grievance redressal :