The official activity of Niaz company has started since 1991, which, in line with the needs of customers, produces and offers various models of bullet and cube flash tanks. The number of required stores is determined every year based on the capacity assessment, and applicants are attracted in the required areas.

Conditions for obtaining a sales representative

– Competence, good reputation and no bad criminal record

– having Sufficient experience in sales and after-sales service

– Having a business license with a store ownership document

– The rent of the store is subject to the presentation of a 5-year notarized lease and the applicant’s commitment not to move the store for 3 years after opening.

– Ability to provide real estate collateral or bank guarantee at the amount announced by the company

– Having a store with an area of ​​at least 20 square meters with an opening width of 5 meters

– Having a warehouse and suitable facilities for optimal storage of products

Required Documents

– Copy of Business License

– Copy of ID, national card and end of service card

– Three 4 * 3 photos of the applicant

– Copy of ownership documents or 5-year notarized registration lease of the introduced store

– A few photos of the inside and in front of the store introduced

– Complete and submit the application form

To apply for representation, please fill out the form below carefully so that our colleagues can contact you as soon as possible.